Burundi : Prijzen en aanbevelingen

Prijzen en aanbevelingen in Burundi.

See under the price table for a English summary of our recommendations for traveling in Burundi.

 1 euro =1508 Bfr


 Bier  1000   nu in 0.72 cl flessen
 Croissant  300    
 Broodje kaas  700 - 800    
 Hotelovernachting  8000    
 Internet gebruik  10 - 15    per minuut
 Koffie  600    
 Maaltijd  1800 - 2400    pilau bijvoorbeeld!
 Frisdrank / Juice  500  
 Yoghurt  700  1/2 liter in restaurant
 Thee  600    in hotel


 20  per persoon; 72 uur
 Water  1500 - 4000    voor anderhalve liter!

Centre Sportif;  200 meter naar rechts vanuit de achteruitgang van hotel La Doyen. Een prachtig zwembad (3000 Bfr) met een te duur maar gezellig restaurant.
Cayor; Een prima, en zeer betaalbaar restaurantje met een uitgebreide kaart voor zowel lunch als diner.

 English Summary: Recommendations for traveling in Burundi:

Burundi, Bujumbura. Black market changing money. We changed 1000 Tsh (Tanzania) to 1100 Bfr (Burundian Francs) You will find these guys everywhere, but in particilair at the market.

Burundi, Bujumbura: There is a great pool just 300 m outside (right) the back gate of hotel "Le Doyen". Their restaurant is rather expensive but swimming costs only 3000 Bfr. There is also a tennis yard and more sports to play.

Burundi, Bujumbura: you can eat cheap at "Le Cayor" in the Chaussee Prince Rwagasore. As well as lunch at dinner time there is a great card and in the meantime you can watch the people of Bujumbura walking by from the nice terras.

Tanzania - Burundi Monyovu, 2,5 hours (matatu) south from Kigoma. We took the opportunity to drive from Kigoma, trough Burundi to Rwanda. We took the matatu from Kigoma to Monyovu. There are 3 very basic guesthouses in this town. In the morning after completing Tanzania "border things" we walked in 25 minutes to the border of Burundi in Mabanda. There is no immigrating here!. We took a Tsh8000 taxi ride of 18 km to Makamba and their the immigration officer issued us a 72 transit visa (a 20 dollar) with a big smile. From there we to a matatu and within 3 hours we were in Bujumbura.

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