Tanzania : Prijzen en aanbevelingen (ZNZ)

Zanzibar en Pemba

See under for a English summary of Sandra's and  Detlev's recommendations for traveling on Zanzibar and Pemba.

 1 euro = 1367 Tsh


 Bier  1200 - 2500    
 Boot overtocht  22000 / 25000    Tanga-Pemba / Pemba-Zanzibar (p/p)
 Doktersconsult  2000    
 Duikcursus    350  per persoon
 Fietsen huren  5000    per persoon per fiets in Wete
 Frisdrank  500 - 600    
 Hotelovernachting  15000 - 20000    gemiddeld 17000
 Internet gebruik  500   half uur
 Kapper  nvt    
 Koffie  1500 - 2000    luxe koffie in Amore Mio Stonetown
 Maaltijd  500 / 5000 - 20000   zeer lokaal / restaurant
 Museum/ bezienswaardigheid  nvt  
 Park entree  4000    Regenwoud wandeling op Pemba
 Reizen  600 - 1000   dala-dala  +/- 25 km
 Safari    nvt
 Thee  50 / 500    straat / hotel
 Taxi in stad  1500    In Stonetown
 Trekking    nvt


 nvt  valt onder visa Tanzania
 Water  500 - 1000    1 1/2 liter

Aanbevelingen:Warere Town House Hotel in Stonetown op Zanzibar. Smaakvol ingericht hotel. Grote kamers en bedden, goed schoon, douche (warm water) en toilet bij kamer, balkon, koelkast!!, TV. Ontbijt inbegrepen (op dakterras met uitzicht op zee) en uiterst vriendlijk personeel.

English Summary: Recommendations for traveling in Zanzibar and Pemba

Zanzibar, Warere Town House Hotel. Possibly the best choice for your money in Stonetown. Hot shower, clean, big rooms, big king size beds, balcony (on which you can enjoy your take a way food from (Passing Show, see later), rooms are very nicely decorated with traditional art, breakfast is included and is being served on a beautifully rooftop with view. Rooms have also TV and (filled) refrigerator.

Zanzibar, Stonetown: Passing Show Hotel Restaurant. We did not see any rooms here but the food was of high quality, the price very very reasonable and the portions BIG! For 1700 TSh you get the best Biriany or Pilau you will get in East Africa. Come at lunchtime since at evening the choice is limited. Where: on Malawi street next to ZanAir & Zan Tours.

Zanzibar, Stonetown, There is an Barclays ATM now. Very convenient. Where: follow Malawi road in the direction of Nungwi. It is about 10 minutes from town.

Zanzibar, Stonetown, nameless cookie seller. Really very nice and extraordinary cookies. With all kind of spices: Gloves, ginger, cinnamon. Sweet but also salted cookies available. Where:" opposite International Hotel entree.

Zanzibar, Nungwi, What: East Africa Divers. Already listed but additional we like to tell that you can pay them in TSh without extra costs (which does not count for payments in euro, or traveler checks). Particular convenient and lucrative combined with the ATM in Stonetown.

Zanzibar Archipelago: Pemba, Mkoane. Jondeni Guest House is already listed but not very much visited. Perhaps because their one and only signboard is pointing to the wrong direction. But anyhow if we knew on beforehand that it was as nice as it is we would have planned to stay at least for 2 nights/days. What an lovely place, terras and what an awesome view over the ocean. A real good place to relax.

Tanzania, boat from Tanga to Pemba. It is possible but do not expect a bout like Pemba to ZNZ or ZNZ to Dar es Salaam. This one is as expensive as the other ones (we had to pay 25 dollar p/p) but there is no comfort what so ever. No chairs, no toilet, no food, only vomiting bags and people lying on the floor. We were a bit lucky to sit on the covered steamy hot motor next to the exhaust. But is paid of: we made it. this ride can be made 2 times a week. Tuesday and friday. going from Tanga harbor to Wete on Pemba and it takes about 6 hours. Good luck.

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