Kenia : Prijzen en aanbevelingen

 Hier weer een prijslijstje om te vergelijken met de andere landen.
 1 euro = 100 Ksh; 1 dollar = 75 Ksh


 Bier 70 - 105    
 Boottochtje  800 / 100   per persoon voor dagje vissen en bbq-en op eiland / voor overtocht van 10 minuten
 Fietsen huren  50    per uur per fiets
 Frisdrank  30    
 Hotelovernachting 250 -  700    gemiddeld 525 Ksh
 Internet gebruik  1 / 2    per minuut in grote stad / dorpjes
 Kapper  nvt    
 Koffie  30 - 50 / 120    keniaanse melkkoffie / westers bakkie
 Maaltijd  70 - 80 / 180 - 250   zeer lokaal / restaurant
 Museum/ bezienswaardigheid  200    
 Park entree    15 - 30  mt Kenya / Maasai Mara p/p/dag
 Reizen      bus ongeveer 300 Ksh per 100 km
 Safari    55  Maasai Mara per persoon per dag
 Thee  30 - 40    
 Taxi in stad  200    alle ritjes in Nairobi
 Trekking    50  Mt Kenya (incl kok, gids en vervoer) per persoon, 1 volle dag


 50  per 3 maanden
 Water  50 - 80    1 1/2 liter (5 liter voor 130 Ksh!)


Lamu: Mariam's "secret restaurant". vanaf hotel Lulu  (lopent richting kust) eerste steeg rechts, eerste steeg links, dan eerste winkeltje aan de rechter hand. Mariam kookt absoluut het beste Swahilivoedsel van de hele kust. En het wordt opgediend in een heerlijke huisleijke sfeer. Want het is geen echt restaurant.

English Summary: Recommendations for traveling in Kenya

Kenya, Nairobi, What: Nawas Hotel; Where: corner Latema road and River Road (opposite New Kenya Lodge). Save hotel on the rim of the so called un save area. Very recommended, reception and all rooms higher than 2nd storey level and behind an automatic door, gives a save and good feeling, best hot shower we had in 6 month East Africa, they are willing to store luggage for a couple of days, convenient close to kamba office (for regional busses).
600 Ksh for a double 700 for a double with breakfast.

Kenya, Nairobi, What: Game Trekkers safari Company. Might be a bit more expensive then the others but it was definitely worth while. We went on a 4 day trip to the Masaai Mara. Large tents with beds on a campsite just 5 minutes outside the Reserve. They had well informed, good english speaking guides and cooks. And a terrific 6 seater car which was able and needy) to pull a lot of others out of the mud with their 'safari matatu's'. Delicate meals three times a day. Costs: 55 dollar per person a day. And except for the leopard we seen them all.

Kenya, Lamu, What: Lamu's answer to the somewhat expensive Ali Hippie; Name: Mariam Bwanakweli. She prepared us really the nicest meal we ate in 6 month traveling. we have to admit we are fond of Swahili food but this was really good: prawns in coconut sauce, coconut rice, vegetable stew all from a great level! Mariam is also a very hospital and nice lady. Where: coming from Lulu's guesthouse  (which is quite wrongly placed on your map in the East Africa 6th edition) going to the see shore it is a 1 minute walk. Take the first to the right and than the first to the left. Her shop is the first one at your right hand side (you already passed here home by now).
we paid here 300 Ksh for the meal and 100 for hospitality but it is in your own hands what you pay. She will not ask a specific price.

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